Critical Studies of EDUCATION & TECHNOLOGY

Neil Selwyn writes about education, technology & society


I enjoy writing books, and have been lucky enough to have been published by some great publishing houses and editors. If you are interested in commissioning a title, then please get in touch.

Single & joint authored books:

Pangrazio, L.  and  Selwyn, N.   (2023).   ‘Critical data literacies‘  MIT Press.

Andrejevic, M.  and  Selwyn, N.   (2022).   ‘Facial recognition’ Polity

Selwyn, N.  (2021)  Education and technology: key issues and debates  Bloomsbury [third edition]

Selwyn, N.  (2019).   Should robots replace teachers?’  Polity

Selwyn, N.  (2019).   What is digital sociology?’  Polity

Selwyn, N., Nemorin, S., Bulfin, S. and Johnson, N.  (2018)  Everyday schooling in the digital age: High school, high tech?’   Routledge

Selwyn, N.  (2017)  ‘Education and technology: key issues and debates’  Bloomsbury   [Second Edition]

Selwyn, N.  (2016)   Is technology good for education? Polity

Selwyn, N.  (2014)   ‘Digital technology and the contemporary university: degrees of digitization  Routledge,  

Selwyn, N.  (2014)   Distrusting educational technology: critical questions for changing times’  Routledge   

Selwyn, N.  (2013)  Education in a digital world: global perspectives on technology and education  Routledge 

Selwyn, N.  (2011)  Schools and schooling in the digital age: a critical perspective  Routledge   

Selwyn, N.  (2011)  ‘Education and technology: key issues and debates’  Continuum   

Selwyn, N.,  Potter, J. and Cranmer, S.  (2010)  Primary schools and ICT: learning from pupil perspectives’  Continuum  

Selwyn, N., Gorard, S.  and Furlong, J.  (2005)  ‘Adult learning in the digital age’  Routledge   

Selwyn, N.     (2002)   Telling tales on technology: qualitative studies of technology and education Ashgate

Selwyn, N., and  Gorard, S.   (2002)   ‘The information age: technology, learning and exclusion‘   University of Wales Press

Gorard, S.  and  Selwyn, N.   (2001)   ‘Information technology’  Hodder & Stoughton

Translated books:

Selwyn, N. (2023)  Tecnologia e istruzione: questioni chiave e dibattiti.  Edizioni Anicia

Selwyn, N. (2022). 로봇이 교사를 대체해야 하는가? Eduniety

Selwyn, N.  (2020).  ¿Deberían los robots reemplazar a los profesores?  Ediciones Morata

Selwyn, N.  (2020).  Hal yjb ‘an tuhala alruwbutat mahalun almuelimin?  Dar Rawafed (short-listed for the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, 2020)

Selwyn, N.  (2017)   Skolan och digitaliseringen: Blir utbildningen bättre med digital teknik?  Bokförlaget Daidalos

Edited collections:

Castañeda, L. and Selwyn, N. (eds.)  (2019)  Reiniciando la universidad: Buscando un modelo de Universidad en tiempos digitales.  UOC Press 

Selwyn, N. and Stirling, E.  [eds]  (2018)  Social Media and Education.  Routledge

Wyse, D., Selwyn, N., Smith, E. and Suter, L.  [eds]  (2017)    ‘BERA/Sage Handbook of Educational Research’  Sage, 

Selwyn, N.  and Facer, K.  [eds]  (2013) The politics of education and technology: conflicts, controversies and connections’  Palgrave Macmillan

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