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Latest academic papers

I have been writing journal articles since 1995 – if you are interested in diving into the full list, then this Google Scholar profile lists them in order of popularity/obscurity. Here are a selection of articles from the past couple of years:

Selwyn, N., Campbell, L. and Andrejevic, M.  (2022)AutoRoll: the contested emergence of classroom facial recognition technologyLearning Media & Technology

Selwyn, N.,  Hillman, T., Bergviken-Rensfeldt, A.  &  Perrotta, C.  (2022).  Digital technologies and the automation of education – key questions and concerns.  Postdigital Science & Education

Heffernan, A. and Selwyn, N.  (2022).  Mixed messages: the enduring significance of email in school principals’ work.  Australian Educational Researcher

Selwyn, N. and Gallo Cordoba, B. (2022).   Australian public understandings of Artificial IntelligenceAI and Society

Selwyn, N. (2022). There is a danger that we get too robotic: an investigation of institutional data logics within secondary schools. Educational Review

Perrotta, C., Selwyn, N. and Erwin, C. (2022). Artificial intelligence and the affective labour of understanding: the intimate moderation of a language model. New Media and Society

O’Neill, C., Selwyn, N., Smith, G., Andrejevic, M., and Gu, X.  (2022)  The two faces of the child in facial recognition industry discourseInformation, Communication & Society

Selwyn, N., Pangrazio, L. and Cumbo, B.  (2022)    Knowing the (datafied) student: the production of the student subject through school data.  British Journal of Educational Studies

Selwyn, N., O’Neill, C., Smith, G., Andrejevic, M. and Gu, X  (2022)   A necessary evil? The rise of online exam proctoring in Australian universities.  Media International Australia

Selwyn, N.   (2022).   ‘Just playing around with Excel and pivot tables’ – the realities of data-driven schooling.  Research Papers in Education

Gilliard, C. and Selwyn, N.  (2022).  Automated Surveillance in Education.  Postdigital Science and Education

Pangrazio, L., Selwyn, N. and Cumbo, B.  (2022). A patchwork of platforms: mapping digital infrastructure in schools.  Learning Media & Technology

Selwyn, N.  (2021).   Ed-Tech Within Limits: anticipating educational technology in times of environmental crisisE-Learning & Digital Media, 18(5): 496–510

Selwyn, N.  (2021).   The human labour of school data: exploring the production of digital data in schools.  Oxford Review of Education, 47(3):353-368

Selwyn, N., Pangrazio, L. and Cumbo, B.   (2021) Attending to data: exploring the use of attendance data within the datafied school.  Research in Education 109(1):72-89

Selwyn, N. and Aagaard, J.  (2021).  Banning mobile phones from classrooms – an opportunity to advance understandings of technology addiction, distraction and cyberbullyingBritish Journal of Educational Technology 51(2):8-19

Cumbo, B. and Selwyn, N.   (2021).  Revitalising ‘Participatory Design’ approaches in educational researchInternational Journal of Research & Method in Education 29(3):431-448

Pangrazio, L.  and Selwyn, N.   (2021).    Toward a school-based ‘critical data education’   Pedagogy, Culture and Society 29(3):431-448

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