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Latest academic papers

I have been writing journal articles since 1995 – if you are interested in diving into the full list, then this Google Scholar profile lists them in order of popularity/obscurity. Here are a selection of articles from the past couple of years:

Selwyn, N.  (2023).    Digital degrowth: toward radically sustainable education technologyLearning, Media & Technology

Selwyn, N.  (2023).    The modern classroom chair: exploring the ‘coercive design’ of contemporary schooling.  Power and Education

Selwyn, N.  (2023).    Constructive criticism? Working with (rather than against) the AIED back-lash. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Selwyn, N.,  Hillman, T., Bergviken Rensfeldt, A.  and  Perrotta, C.  (2023).  Making sense of the digital automation of education.  Postdigital Science & Education

Gilliard, C. and Selwyn, N.  (2023).  Automated surveillance in education.  Postdigital Science and Education

Andrejevic, M. and Selwyn, N.  (2023).  Education in an era of pervasive automation,  Postdigital Science & Education  

Pasquale, F. and Selwyn, N.  (2023).  Education and the New Laws of RoboticsPostdigital Science and Education

Selwyn, N.  (2022).   The future of AI and education: some cautionary notes.  European Journal of Education,  57(4):620-631

Lazarus, M., Truong, M., Douglas, P. and  Selwyn, N.  (2022).   Artificial Intelligence and anatomical education:  uncertainties, tensions, and recommendations.  Anatomical Sciences Education 

Perrotta, C., Selwyn, N. and Ewin, C.  (2022).  AI and the affective labour of understanding: how human writers interact with a language modelNew Media & Society

O’Neill, C., Andrejevic, M., Smith, G., Selwyn, N. and Gu, X.  (2022)  The two faces of the child in facial recognition industry discourseInformation, Communication & Society  25(6): 752-767

Cumbo, B. and Selwyn, N.   (2022).  Using participatory design approaches in educational researchInternational Journal of Research & Method in Education 45(1):60-72

Selwyn, N., Campbell, L. and Andrejevic, M.  (2022)AutoRoll: the contested emergence of classroom facial recognition technologyLearning Media & Technology

Selwyn, N.,  Hillman, T., Bergviken-Rensfeldt, A.  &  Perrotta, C.  (2022).  Digital technologies and the automation of education – key questions and concerns.  Postdigital Science & Education

Heffernan, A. and Selwyn, N.  (2022).  Mixed messages: the enduring significance of email in school principals’ work.  Australian Educational Researcher

Selwyn, N. and Gallo Cordoba, B. (2022).   Australian public understandings of Artificial IntelligenceAI and Society 37(4):1645-1662

Selwyn, N. (2022). There is a danger that we get too robotic: an investigation of institutional data logics within secondary schools. Educational Review

Selwyn, N., Pangrazio, L. and Cumbo, B.  (2022)    Knowing the (datafied) student: the production of the student subject through school data.  British Journal of Educational Studies

Selwyn, N., O’Neill, C., Smith, G., Andrejevic, M. and Gu, X  (2022)   A necessary evil? The rise of online exam proctoring in Australian universities.  Media International Australia

Selwyn, N.   (2022).   ‘Just playing around with Excel and pivot tables’ – the realities of data-driven schooling.  Research Papers in Education 37(1):95-114

Pangrazio, L., Selwyn, N. and Cumbo, B.  (2022). A patchwork of platforms: mapping digital infrastructure in schools.  Learning Media & Technology

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