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Latest academic papers

I have been writing journal articles since 1995 – if you are interested in diving into the full list, then this Google Scholar profile lists them in order of popularity/obscurity. Here are a selection of articles from the past couple of years:

Selwyn, N. and Gallo Cordoba, B. (2021).   Australian public understandings of Artificial IntelligenceAI and Society

Selwyn, N.  (2021).   Ed-Tech Within Limits: anticipating educational technology in times of environmental crisisE-Learning & Digital Media, 18(5): 496–510

Selwyn, N. (2021). There is a danger that we get too robotic: an investigation of institutional data logics within secondary schools. Educational Review

Selwyn, N., Pangrazio, L. and Cumbo, B.  (2021)    Knowing the (datafied) student: the production of the student subject through school data.  British Journal of Educational Studies

Selwyn, N., O’Neill, C., Smith, G., Andrejevic, M. and Gu, X  (2021)   A necessary evil? The rise of online exam proctoring in Australian universities.  Media International Australia

Selwyn, N.  (2021).   The human labour of school data: exploring the production of digital data in schools.  Oxford Review of Education, 47(3):353-368

Selwyn, N.   (2021).   ‘Just playing around with Excel and pivot tables’ – the realities of data-driven schooling.  Research Papers in Education.

Selwyn, N., Pangrazio, L. and Cumbo, B.   (2021) Attending to data: exploring the use of attendance data within the datafied school.  Research in Education

Selwyn, N. and Aagaard, J.  (2021).  Banning mobile phones from classrooms – an opportunity to advance understandings of technology addiction, distraction and cyberbullyingBritish Journal of Educational Technology 51(2):8-19

Cumbo, B. and Selwyn, N.   (2021).  Revitalising ‘Participatory Design’ approaches in educational researchInternational Journal of Research & Method in Education 29(3):431-448

Pangrazio, L.  and Selwyn, N.   (2021).    Toward a school-based ‘critical data education’   Pedagogy, Culture and Society

Selwyn, N.   (2020).   Reimagining ‘learning analytics’ … a case for starting again.  The Internet and Higher Education 46:100745

Selwyn, N. with Jandrić, P.  (2020).   Postdigital living in the age of COVID-19: Unsettling what we see as possible.    Postdigital Science & Education  2(3):989-1005

Selwyn, N., Pangrazio, L., Nemorin, S. and Perrotta, C.  (2020)  What might the school of 2030 be like?  An exercise in ‘social science fiction’.  Learning, Media & Technology  45(1):90-106

Andrejevic, M.  and Selwyn, N.  (2020).  Facial recognition technology in schools: critical questions and concerns.  Learning Media & Technology 45(2): 115-128

Selwyn, N. and Gasevic, D.  (2020).    The datafication of higher education: discussing the promises and problems.   Teaching in Higher Education, 25(4): 527-540

Selwyn, N., Hillman, T., Eynon, R., Ferreira, G., Knox, J., Macgilchrist, F. and Sancho-Gil, J.  (2020). What’s next for Ed-Tech? Critical hopes and concerns for the 2020s.  Learning Media & Technology  45(1):1-6

Perrotta, C. and Selwyn, N.  (2020)  Deep learning goes to school: toward a relational understanding of AI in education.  Learning, Media & Technology 45(3): 251-269

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