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Neil Selwyn writes about education, technology & society

Short articles & reports

I write a variety of articles for public, policy and practitioner audiences, alongside magazine, newspaper and online pieces. Here are some links to recent outputs.

Magazine, newspaper and online articles

Online exam monitoring is now common in Australian universities — but is it here to stay? (piece for The Conversation – April 2021)

Facing up to the dilemma of sustainable digital futures (blog post for Digi-Gen website) – April 2021

Digital labour meets the classroom (magazine article for Research Intelligence) – Winter 2020

How creative use of technology may have helped save schooling during the pandemic (op-ed for The Conversation) – October 2020

What is digital sociology? (magazine article for Sociology Review) – Sept 2020

Retooling schools for an era of climate change (op-ed for the Sydney Morning Herald) – Nov 2019

Teachers and technology: time to get serious (magazine article for Impact) – January 2019

Six reasons Artificial Intelligence technology will never take over from human teachers (blog post for EduResearch Matters) – June 2018

Policy briefs and research reports

(Re)imagining the futures of lifelong learning: some sociotechnical tensions (background paper for UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning) – July 2021

Digital technology and the futures of education: towards ‘non-stupid’ optimism (background paper for UNESCO Futures of Education initiative) – April 2021

Digital skills for work and life (report for UNESCO Broadband Commission) – September 2017

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